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I'm Ernesto Gonzalez Llano

Semi-Senior Web Developer

I'm a semi-senior web developer

About As a web developer I am focused on learning to the fullest, adapting and facing each and every one of the challenges assigned to me, contributing my experience in group and individual projects, both in backend and frontend and nourishing myself with new skills, which together with my own , allow me to increasingly maximize my ability to transform programs, companies, realities and lives.


Energía Store
Admin Energía Store
Las Rosas
Henry App
Electric Motors


Frontend Developer

Develop, maintenance and support of RRHH webpage.

Full Stack Developer SR

Creation, maintenance and support of information page and sale of industrial equipment.Creation, maintenance and support of adminPage for the management of clients, products, banners and information of the main web page.

Frontend Developer

Develop, maintenance and support of Extra Income section on webpage and mobile app. I improved SPA performance from 15% to 65% according to Lighthouse Report. I led the migration to nextJS and improved performance to 100% according to Lighthouse Report

React Native Engineer

Improvement of the mobile application in the area of shopping/recommendations. I recommended changes to improve the speed of the add to cart action. I implemented changes to the global state and We went from more than 4 seconds to add, to less than a second. I was also in charge of refactoring components and created the most used component of the app, the product carousel. My way of writing code was taken from the example to redo the architecture of the application code

Full Stack Developer SSR

Maintenance and development of payment solutions in the subscription area. I was mainly in charge of the payment checkout and the payment script implementing debit payments, I was also in charge of the landing page used by Movistar (one of the main telephone lines in South America).


Ecommerce development for the garden industry, it has authentication with jwt, access with google and facebook. Administration section and payment gateways

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Front end

Back end



Cloud services

Agile Methods


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